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Hotel Theo

Theodorekou Theodora

Panagia Thassos

Greece 64004

Tel. 0030 25930 61284

Email: [email protected]


Hotel Theo Location

Location Hotel Theo

Taking the uphill road from the Port, the capital of Thassos north-easternly and hardly 8 km, we meet the village Panagia, that take this name from the church of Virgin Mary that celebrates 15 of August. Village that is surrounded by the pinewood trees and forests. The village is built with traditional Macedonian architecture.

The houses of village are the covered with wooden roofs and Stone, cross little roads laid also with Stone. Abundant crystal waters go down from the sources, and they reach in to the village in order to meet the visitors who drink the crystal water. In the centre, that is the square of village, is found the big plane that covers entire the square of the village. HOTEL THEO is built fifty metres from that square, on to paved alley that leads the visitor to the church of Virgin Mary and to the paths lead to the taller mountain of Thassos [Ypsario]. For the lovers the mountaineering and the walking HOTEL THEO is ideal because it is found in the point that begin such type activities.

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